Forex science contains many sciences, mechanisms and topics


Forex science contains many sciences, mechanisms and topics

Forex related to various matters of buying, selling, exporting, banks, banks, inflation terms, loans, balances of payments and trade balances…. etc., but all this can be classified into two main areas, namely, the field of microeconomics, and the field of macro-Forex.

Below is a detailed explanation of each area separately:

micro Forex field

Micro-Forex is that field that is concerned with the study and analysis of economic indicators related to the decisions of individuals and companies, as well as the Forex behavior of all economic elements related to institutions and commercial entities and how all of this interacts with their competitors and their commercial customers through local markets, all in light of the scarcity or abundance of resources, and the extent of development The economic systems of governments.

One of the most important areas of the micro-Forex field is the study of supply and demand standards, their effects on the local market, prices and services, their availability, spread, and ways to obtain them.

  • Micro-Forex is also concerned with the study, control and follow-up of currency rates and the workload of exchange offices, local banks and their branches in different regions.

Micro-Forex is concerned with studying the process of monopoly and the circulation of commodities and currencies in the hands of the public.

Study and analysis of citizens’ salaries and incomes, the pattern of buying and exchange currencies in the markets, their customs and traditions in terms of purchasing, extravagance and wasting money in recreational areas that are not a priority in anything.

One of the most prominent interests of the micro-Forex field is the exchange deals between companies and factories, each other and the size of the employment in each of them, and the resulting economic, commercial and living boom among the masses of workers and citizens.

Forex overall field

It is the opposite of the micro-Forex field, in the size and type of what is being studied and paid attention to directly, as the field of macroeconomics is concerned with the study and economic analysis of the economic system in general as a whole, in an attempt to clarify the impact of economic factors on Forex countries, continents, central and confederate international groupings, For example, the impact of national income, local income, employment and employment rates, price inflation, currency depreciation, and other measures of total consumption rates, investment spending rates and its components, and the impact of all of this on the economic situation of the individual and society is calculated.

The macro-Forex is also concerned with the study and macroeconomic analysis of the effects of monetary policy, fiscal policy, and banking policies pursued within the country.

  • It is worth mentioning that the overall field of Forex since the sixties of the last century began to pay attention to more serious criteria such as sector analysis on a partial basis, in addition to the major independent and independent international bodies that have the willingness and efficiency to finance huge national projects.

Micro-Forex is concerned with studying the factors and criteria for the efficient use of international market information and investment partnerships between countries.

– One of the most prominent interests of macro Forex is that it studies factors and developments that have long-term effects on the economy and studies the extent of national income growth. There is no doubt that studies that are based on a long-term outlook have the ability to anticipate any obstacles or emergency conditions that may occur in the future, and thus solutions are Ready for any possibility of economic collapse in a system

After we got acquainted with the difference between the field of Forex macro and the field of microeconomics, it remained for us to know that the recent opinions and trends in economics indicate the necessity that macroeconomics should be completely based and based on the standards, reports and data of micro Forex, they complement each other and are not different or contradictory, but Forex must Of sciences, capabilities and items of each type separately in order to support, develop, confirm and verify the validity of the other field, and in the end this is due to the advancement of the economy as long as we have studied it in detail.

  • Over the last half century, Feminist Economists have changed our understanding of how the global economy works.

Feminist Forex is a critical study of Forex economics and systems, with a focus on gender, comprehensive economic analysis, and political analysis. of gender influences and interactions, such as paid and unpaid wages, in sectors of the economy.

  • Whereas traditional Forex focused on male markets and ideas of autonomy, abstraction, and logic, feminist economists advocate a comprehensive exploration of Forex life, including topics such as family economics, and an examination of the importance of connections, clarity, and emotion in explaining economic phenomena. The inclusion of such Forex helped establish policies that reduced discrimination, injustice, gender inequality, racism and ethnicity, leading to the achievement of basic normative goals for all economies.

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