How efficient are Forex robots when trading Forex?


How efficient are Forex robots when trading Forex?

Forex trading robots are automated computer programs that are primarily marketed to a trader who has little or no knowledge of the algorithms of the Forex trading market. The marketer claims that we can make a lot of profits even when we are not in front of our computers; But is it really what it is being marketed to be? Well, some Forex trading systems may have already made profits at some particular times for a person; But there is no guarantee that they will continue to do so. We should beware of the high Forex profits that they underestimate, even if we have little knowledge of it. We still have to take part in Forex trade, though using a Forex robot. The market can give us random factors that we can’t even predict with robots.

There are countless Forex trading robots present in every market, whose owners claim that they have undergone a long series of good and extensive tests that have resulted in satisfactory trading results, and therefore they are marketing them to us as completely effective software in the process of making Forex profits. fixed. 


What are the best Forex robots software?

The answer is very frank. So that there should be a more important factor that we must consider which the basic difference between manual Forex is trading system versus automated Forex trading.

Thus, our most important and attractive option, for novice Forex traders, is to trade Forex with automated Forex robots without getting tired. However, when we are choosing the best Forex robots to use, it is necessary to think about the best method that maximizes our trading profits.

In other words, we choose the method that is the wisest but perhaps not the most effective way to ensure that we choose the best Forex robots software is to actually purchase these products, make sure we understand how to install the software and improve and organize its settings for the Forex trading platforms we have chosen and do good and extensive back and forward testing on All the different settings for all the different Forex currency pairs.

This process may seem very simple. However, it is costly and very time consuming and may not provide the trader with the required level of comfort as the trader is always inclined towards a particular product, mainly because of those promises made by the sellers.

Perhaps a more effective way to rate the best Forex robot software is to visit reputable websites, as Forex robots are better reviewed and tested extensively and detailed comparisons are made between different types of Forex robots with regular updates .

The benefits of this approach are the significant savings on paid costs, as someone on your behalf does research and comparisons to the program, which saves you a lot of your time and effort, and you have to be constantly informed of the latest developments in Forex robots.


There are top 5 Forex trading robots:

  1. FAP Turbo

Fap Turbo took over the Forex robots industry in November 2008. The company’s creators promised to introduce the most advanced Forex trading robot in the Forex market, and so far they have not disappointed the many thousands of Forex traders who were eagerly waiting for them. The reason behind the popularity of the software is the fact that it offers the trader a system that gives him more profit and safety, and that is exactly what the market wants.

  1. Forex Mega-droid

It was launched in March 2009 and was a sensation. According to the experts, the software uses a very new technology called inverse correlative time and price analysis of trading which ensures that for every dollar deposited into a trader’s Forex account, that dollar will quadruple or more.

Another great feature about this software is the built-in broker protection feature. As there is a common belief that most Forex brokers are trading against clients and besides things like high spreads, pricing errors and slippage, it has become very difficult for a Forex trading bot to make a trader profit consistently. Forex Mega-droid is the first Forex robot to be produced with broker protection and a special anti-brokering mechanism.

  1. Forex Autopilot

It is one of the first Forex trading robots to appear in the market and was the most popular in the market. This Forex trading robot uses various indicators to determine trends on the EUR/USD currency and the result is a very accurate system that has a success rate of over 90%. But there is a big problem with it, which is the fact that your trades can enter into large withdrawals, which may reach the number of 500 pips or more. But this does not happen most of the time, but it does.

  1. Forex funnel

It is another automated Forex trading robot system, which uses a high-risk approach to trading with high returns. It uses a different type of Forex trading strategy which is popular called Martingale.

When this famous strategy is used by a trader in Forex trading, the strategy gives him the effectiveness with a success rate of 100%, which means that he does not lose his trades, but there is a risk of losing the entire trader’s account in one trade if he does not have enough capital.

  1. Points Leader

It is not as well-known as other software. It uses the basket trading strategy, which can achieve very high profit and low risk if the trader understands the requirements of Forex margin and enforces his strict rules for managing his money.

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