Is online Forex day trading a way to create wealth?


Is online Forex day trading a way to create wealth?

The Forex market is a daily global business market, which is why knowing the secrets of how to do it successfully has been kept away from the trading public for many years.

That’s because the secret of jealously guarded trading is how money and power, international multinational corporations with billions of dollars in budgets, the world’s largest banks, and the so-called international banking movers and shakers are made of money and from businessmen as well as business leaders, as well as chief executives. 

Big corporations, secret financial associations, and wealthy dynasties of privileged employment of the major wealthiest families in Europe and the Americas earn their money just to get richer.


Daily Forex trading makes one make huge fortunes easily

Then, using their vast wealth, they set up many factories in order to manufacture certain goods and products and hire people to work in their factories and banks at minimal wages.

So, it is no wonder that these people do not want to know the truth and the “secret” that makes an individual able to create great financial wealth through Forex day trading.

If one knew how to day trade Forex and generate $10,000 per month, would it be stupid, naive, and crazy to go to work at that job to earn a minimum wage of nickels and dimes?

Therefore, there have been organized and continuous campaigns by the forces of the financial elite to banish and hide the secret of creating massive fortunes from daily Forex trading.

This is the reason why these people constantly spread false propaganda and negative publicity campaigns in the media that Forex trading is very risky and one should not do it because he will lose all his money.


What are the main ways to make money in Forex day trading?

If an individual goes to a bank manager or a money-trading advisor or investment company and tells them that he wants to make money from his home through Forex day trading, they will yell at him and try to discourage him with false information and the other half will inform him of the fact that trading is very risky and that he will He loses his money.

This is because there is a secret that these people make money and get rich!

Citibank alone earns $25 billion from Forex trading during the year.

Most investment banks, including the currencies they trade in, are among the main clandestine ways to generate income.

All in this matter is that the banks do not announce this secret to you. And we tell you yes, Forex day trading is risky.


But all of the above is half the truth

The other half-truth of the trading truth is that if one studies a good Forex day trading book or a good trading software and understands how it works, avoids the pitfalls of trading, and learns the secrets of day trading Forex risk management, one can get rich so quickly and fabulously that it will make their head spin.

Why is there an organized propaganda campaign to discredit online Forex day trading?

If an individual becomes rich so quickly, he will not need to depend on money and power elites, his job, and a special social welfare system where he is allowed debt and coins to keep him submissive.

But if one gets rich so quickly, no one will be able to manipulate you into voting and keep him in his power to continue milking his life by making him work and work himself until his death making them rich through him.

There are many reasons why beginner Forex day trading fails to make money and loses all of his savings.


What did the traders do in the beginning?

When an individual first hears about the ease of making money from Forex day trading, he searches the internet and finds a good Forex broker.

Then he opens a Forex daily trading account and puts thousands of dollars into the online Forex trading account and immediately starts making money from daily Forex trading online.

He is involved in collecting advanced Forex strategies and daily Forex trading systems in order to perform technical and fundamental analysis such as knowledge of reading daily Forex trading chart, Forex moving averages, Forex Elliot wave, Forex stochastic, Forex Bollinger bands, Forex trend movement indicator, Forex trend indicators and oscillator, Forex Fibonacci replacements and other information.

But a novice trader may not take the time to buy a good online trading guide to study and understand the Forex market and the secrets of Forex day trading before starting.

He opens a free Forex demo account to practice for free to develop profitable and marketable currency trading skills before he opens a paid Forex account for day trading making real money.

He doesn’t make the huge mistake of trying to fly in the world of the Forex day trading market before he learns how to crawl in the trade.

So, don’t get confused, don’t make huge mistakes in Forex day trading, and lose your money.

When he loses his money, he accepts responsibility because that is the hard part of day trading.

He does not do the easy thing which is to blame his mistakes in online Forex trading and declare resentment that day trading is fraught with the risk of loss and a scam designed to deceive the public.

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